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Successful rhino roach molt


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I checked on my little pair of rhinos tonight, which is easy to do since the tank is so small - I just lift it up and peek at the bottom of the glass to see what they're up to. Tonight I went, "Wait ... you look bigger!" I fished them out and sure enough, one of them has molted! It looks quite round and appears to have molted without any issues whatsoever, so many thanks to Hisserdude for the tip on substrate depth which might have helped the little guy molt correctly. I see no signs of the molt so I assume the roaches ate it.


I took a few photos and then popped them back in the tank, so here are some comparison photos of the molted nymph and the one that has yet to molt. There's banding between the segments on that one, though, so it will probably molt quite soon as well. Sorry the photos aren't that great, the lighting in my apartment is terrible at night.


I'm very pleased that they seem to be thriving and growing!







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The other one molted sometime today! It's still very pale in color so I didn't want to handle it, but it appears to have molted without any issues as well. :)

Nice, glad they are doing well for you! :)

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