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Hi from France


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So my name is julien, I live in Grenoble France, in the Alpes.

And since about a year, i breed beetles. :D

It's not my first breeding at all. I breed fish since 15 years and soft water shrimps since 3 years.


During my youth my father took care of an aquarium and each summer we caught a few Cetonia aurata to breed them in a tank on our balcony.

During the vacation i was usual to hunt for Oryctes nasicornis and even some Lucanus cervus.


From this time i've forgotten this passion for Beetles until the last year.

During a visit to a friend i discovered a strange little box. When i ask to my friend, he show me two big grubs.... mecynorrhina polyphemus. :D

Some weeks later i had my first pachnoda and it's juste a begin.


Ho well, if you have read until here, you have certenly come to that conclusion alone.

My english is not realy good. Maybe i've spent too much time to look through the window rather than lisened my teatcher...

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Welcome to the boards, Julien.


Glad you found your way back to beetles, they are so diverse its hard to stop once you are in.


What species of Pachnoda have you had?

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Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here! :) You guys got lots of interesting beetles available over there, a much wider and exotic selection than we have here!

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Thanks for your welcome.


To day I've some pachnoda marginata peregrina.

I've let them to a school. The children (3 to 4 years ) take care of them and can study the cycle of life. It's a pretty cool experience and I'm very happy to take part of it. And I'll serenely do the same the next year.


I've some mecynorrhina torquata immaculicollis l2 and l3 grubs, and dynast tytius l3 pair.

I've a Chalcosoma Caucasus male too. It's an amazing beetle.



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