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A small stag?

Daniel J. R.

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Found this guy strolling across my front door step tonight and I only managed to snag one decent picture. He was fast, and at some points started darting towards my fingers out of defense! Eventually he huddled his legs together and began to play-dead until I moved him into the nearby mulch. Was only about the size of the last segment of my middle-finger but he had some interesting little pincers. I couldn't identify the exact species because I've seen MUCH larger stags in my area before and this one doesn't resemble them much.

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Nope, a ground beetle, Scarites sp. Much cooler in my opinion, they'll eat soft bodied invertebrates and probably dog food. :)

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Is there a picture on the first post? I don't see one.............


AND NVM. For some reason none of the pictures show up on Firefox, but work when using IE.

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Ah ok. XD

Yeah I've been seeing tons of these guys lately at my apartment.



Cool, if you decide to keep any, make sure to give them a deep substrate, these like to burrow!

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