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Technically this isn't my first post, and I apologize for that, but I would like to introduce myself either way.


My name is Daniel, I was born in WA but I've lived most of my life in the Maryland area. I'm currently graduating Shepherd University in WV with a Bachelor of Fine Arts! My website containing a majority of my works can be found here: art.danriggs.net


A majority of my recent work is inspired off of my love for the small things in nature. I go hiking and traveling allot on my area (and sometimes beyond when the opportunity arises) and I always manage to find neat treasures and odd creatures.


One of my favorite things, since I was a small child, was finding interesting insects. Beetles have always been my absolute favorites from the wild world of bugs, and for many reasons. Rhinoceros Beetles are a top for me, not just cause I find them unique (and often enough quite cute) but because I've spent a majority of my life practicing multi-cultural weapons martial arts. Studying the different kinda of rhino beetles and how they use their different styles of weapons fits allot of the form and function put into the practicalities of my martial arts.


Right now I had just started caring for beetles at home, but due to my budget and time I'm only caring for some Bess Beetles I found nearby my home. When I was very young, I saw a female Eastern Hercules Beetle right here in Jefferson, MD. Ever since, I've been on the hunt for them again and I would LOVE to start caring, or possibly breeding them as a hobby.


I'm very excited about entering this community and I'm positive it will be a fulfilling experience. C:

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