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Hello from Germany


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I'm a beetle breeder from Germany. I got my first beetles (Eudicella euthalia betherandi) three years ago, but didn't breed more for some time. But in the last months I switched more and more over from butterflies and moths to beetles as I'm often away for some days and as I have only very little time sometimes. If I didn't count wrong, I have 13 (sub-)species at the moment, mainly African Cetonids:


-Eudicella euthalia betherandi

-Eudicella euthalia hereroensis

-Eudicella morgani

-Eudicella colmanti

-Eudicella schultzeorum

-Cyprolais hornimanni

-Cyprolais cornuta

-Dicronorhina conradsi

-Mecynorrhina polyphemus

-Xylutrupes beckeri

-Xylotrupes mniszechi tonkinensis

-Chalcomsoma caucasus

-Phalacrognathus muelleri


Most of them are doing quite well at the moment. Hopefully I can keep this breeding lines and get more species next year (especially some more Dynastinae and Lucanidae). Right now I also have some surplus breeding material (larvae of Eudicella hornimanni and adults of Eudicella euthalia betherandi), but shipping is of course not optimal right now. But I hope especially for some nice exchange next spring.


Best regards,



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Welcome Fabian, nice species you got there! I hope you enjoy the forums! It can be a bit quiet here around winter time, but once it turns spring or summer activity here increases by a lot! :)

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