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Longer lived Beetles?


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of beetles that live 2 years or longer as adults? I realize the vast majority are short lived. But, I have become interested in those that live longer too.

Some that I know of are:



Death Feigning/ darkling/ iron clad(?)

Bess Beetles

Fiery Searcher





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Most of the desert darkling beetles live a few years, even some of the tiny ones. Lets see, I think spider beetles live a long time, (though that is an obscure and uncommonly kept group of beetles), I believe Ladybugs can live a couple of years as well. The Phileurus and related genera can live for a few years as adults, and they are predatory, which is always nice. :)

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All great suggestions! Thanks guys. The Phileurus looks particularly interesting. Are those commonly referred to as "triceratops beetles"?

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