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Rhino and stag beetles in USA

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Dynastes tityus and granti are pretty common to find for sale on here, but not really in the winter. Probably have to wait for it to get warmer. Also, the most commonly kept stag beetle here is Lucanus elaphus, but again, probably wait it out.


Hmmm ok. Will it be easy to get dried rhino beetles in winter then?

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Ill give 4 Xyloryctes thestalus is you want I doubt I'm going to be able to get them to oviposit.

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Xyloryctes thestalus? Never heard that beetle before. Does it look like Chalcosoma Chiron?

No these are very small beetles by comparison. They do have a horn tho.
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We have 3 Megasoma species but they are near impossible to find for sale.

Lucanus carpreoleus (spelling?)

Lucanus elaphus

Lucanus placidus (not sure about this one)

Phileurus spp.

Strategus antaeus/other spp.

Xylocortes thestalus

Megasoma spp

Dynastes tityus

Dynastes granti

Gymnetis spp

Osmoderma spp


All nice native beetles in scarabidae/cetonidae/lucanidae

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There is lucanus mazama, tiger beetles and pasimachus beetles too not as flashy but worth a mention I think.

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I have heard about the three Megasoma species in the southern US but I haven't heard of anyone breeding them so far. Personally I'm interested in breeding Phileurus truncatus the carnivorous long lived rhinoceros beetle aka triceratops beetle but I live outside of its natural range and I can't afford to make an extensive beetle collecting road trip.

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