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Firewood as substrate?

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Local firewood is probably safe to use, anything else probably has flammable additives. I'm no expert on firewood however, so you should probably wait for a more experienced member to come along.

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If there's no chemicals added to it then go ahead. You are going to need a log with significant decay if you want to use it for substrate or for female stag beetles to lay eggs in. Search the piles of logs for light and spongy wood that you can easily break off with your fingers. If you discover any, you can submerge it in a bucket filled with water to change the texture. You can even boil the wood in water as a method of heat treatment. If you don't find any decayed lumber, you can try inoculate the logs with mushroom plugs to make white rotting wood quicker than it would take in the wild. However this is a more in depth process. I live on the east coast and I happen to find a lot even though I live in a small state.
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