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breeding logs


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so i have this crazy idea... to put multiple pairs of p.mulleri ( OR cyclomatus) in a giant tub filled with giant breeding logs and beetle jellies... will females kill each other? or eat eggs?


also if u happen to sell giant oak breeding logs PLEASE PM me :)


i might also buy oak leaves so pm me

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Not a good idea in general.

Females will compete for better logs and even remove eggs laid by each other. Multiple males will compete with each other, may even kill each other. Many males will also chase females a lot, so the females would lose their energy that they need for successful oviposition. Both males and females would not live long.

Tested it myself with rainbows :(




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Thanks for this information, I am trying this species as well. I have some 2 females in an enclosure with 1 male. The other enclosure I have 1 female and 1 male. I am testing various methods. However, I still have not witnessed mating yet but the opportunity is there every day. Maybe they are not mature enough. The males don't seem into it even with the females crawling all over them while they are eating a fix of beetle jelly. :huh:

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That's the problem with rainbows. Some males just sux at it, may be they just into a gay thing. Active males can mate with females for hours, some of them are just not interested:). Try to rise temperature in your enclosure and feed them with some high calories food. I normally have 2-3 males at the same time; if I do not have my I buy extra.

Normally one of these 3 mates with all females while other just chilling out with them:)

I feed them with beetle jelly; here is my basic recipe for this jelly; you can dissolve some fishing flakes in it to increase the protein content:)


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