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How Do You Do Breakfast?


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Before starting a day off, my preference for an egg is a spicy omelet packed with as much protein as possible to start the day. In this case, chicken pieces are added to 6 egg whites and 1 full egg. Here is my video as an example. How do you start your day off?



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Chicken inside of eggs that's alot of chicken murde;-). Something I do is cut up a bunch of apples and pears, yogurt, walnuts, honey, cinnamon, and add some granola, berries of different types. I'm partial to simple eggs, hash browns, and bacon too tho don't get me wrong.

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A coffee alternative with no crash is green shakes Kale or spinach mixed with chard ect, garlic, celery, avacado, cucumber, ice, water and blend. Sometimes switch garlic with blueberries.

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