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Hi, so I recently joined this forum and had a request to post on the "introduce yourself" section.

So here I go.

Growing up in a big family and being homeschooled I spent a ton of time outside. This is when it all began, my love and discovery of nature has never slowed down but continued at a rapid pace. I was always called "the bug man" or the "the nature guy" since I was around five years old. I have recently gotten back into entomoly though because we moved when I was younger and the new development had very little life so moved to other fields of biology. Luckily I made a friend in fall of 2014 who was president of the 4H entomology club. This shot me into a frenzy of old memories and new discoveries. I am also interested in herpetology, ornithology, and marine biology. From age 5-10 my favorite insects were grasshoppers and locust, but now they are mainly beetles. I do not have very much experience in keeping beetles and my friend is not as passionate as I so I joined this forum. I am here to learn and contribute to conversations with fellow bug people :)

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