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Greetings from the UK!


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My name is Kerry, I'm 32 and originally from Scotland but now live in Wales (UK)...and yes...I'm a girl that likes bugs :D

By day I am an aerospace laboratory supervisor but by night I run round after my ever-expanding inventory of strange critters.

I am the proud owner of 10 tarantulas, 6 royal pythons, 3 peacock tree frogs, 2 bearded dragons, 20+ Koi carp, 3 marine fish tanks, 1 husky and an overly-affectionate cat. Then I discovered beetles........

We have 2 adult pairs (Flower and Rhino) which we keep in 4ft tanks and a collection of 100+ larvae from various different species. 2 rooms in our house are now dedicated to beetles and I have 8 adult pairs on order from the Czech Republic, (I think we'll have to start getting rid of furniture)!


It's most exciting to find a group of people also interested in beetles, (I was starting to think I was the only one - people think I'm mad)!


Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting and learning from you all.


Kerry :D



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