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Winter beetle hunting


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I have caught a single small carabid for the experiment with wet-substrate breeding over the weekend (along with three more T.rathkii) but I can't get it to eat.

No interest is shown in dry fish food pellets and some is with apple slices, but I suppose it's probably just drinking the water from the apple's surface.


Any suggestions as to what to feed it and how frequently I should do so? Pinhead crickets and most other insects are too large.

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I usually feed carabids pre-killed mealworms, because I get way to many problems with dog food (mold, mites,etc.). Even tiny carabids will eat a pre-killed mealworm, no matter how big.

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Your ground beetle looks like a Calathus ruficollis, I have kept this species before, but never made a serious attempt to breed them. Nice pics!

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