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Xylotrupes sp. ID


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It is X. siamensis according to Rowland 2011:


(Full text is free).


There is only on species found in that Area (Indo-China). However, there are two male forms, one with male horn dimorphism (those that have both long horn and short horn types; siamensis type) while the other one short and strong horn type for major male (tonkinensis type).


Silvestre (2003) "The Xylotrupes beetles from continental Asia" has some illustrations about the horn shape and genital morphology for Xylotrupes species from this region. But in Silvestre 2003 X. siamensis (siamensis types) is recognized as X. socrates socrates, individuals collected from ChiangMai or Chiang Rai Thailand all the way west to India; whereas the eastern tonkinensis type (samples collected from Vietnam, Laos, and Southern China that do not have long horned males) is recognized as X. socrates tonkinensis.


All these things have very similar genital morphology (they are all from the same species), but very different horn shape for big males.


Your collections from N.E. Thailand should be very close to those from Laos and thus should be X. siamensis/X. socrates tonkinensis or even X. gideon tonkinensis (used by many insect dealer).

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