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Jadera haematoloma


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Does anyone know what conditions the eggs of these are kept?

Will post pictures of adults soon


Some good info can be gleaned here:
"Eggs generally are laid in a hole about 1 cm deep, which the female digs with its fore legs in dry soil close to the host tree. After completing oviposition, the female covers the eggs with soil using its fore legs (Sanderson 1906, Carroll 1988, 1991)"
Also, of note, if you are trying to breed them, is their propensity towards cannibalism:
"First instar larvae often cannibalize eggs soon after hatching under laboratory conditions (Ribeiro 1989)."
Hope that helps to point you in the right direction.
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I caught a macropterous pair, but both specimens lost a few parts on the way home and I haven't seen them display any interest in seeds or each other. However several small pale-colored eggs were found in the female's cup when I unpacked, which may be a good sign.


Also, how should I give water?

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The last one may have been unsuccessful, but nevertheless...




Attempt #2




Nobody lost any legs, interest was shown in seeds, and there was lots of mating.

Two pairs are better than one. Unless you are the photographer trying to take pictures of the large gray hemipterans while they promiscuously chase after each other at dizzying speeds. :)


Both pairs were later put in separate cups for selective breeding for macroptery.

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Cool, hope they breed for you! I used to find these in the hundreds when i lived in florida, they were quite abundant!




I have about fifty eggs already, what else do you think the females' distended red abdomens are for?

Now you know why you found them in the hundreds.

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