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A mantid


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This isnt really the greatest time (at least here in oklahoma it isnt) to collect bugs. Fall is coming quick, and bugs are literally dropping like flies. You may have to wait until next spring or buy some off of a breeder- if anybody breeds grasshoppers.


Good luck finding some though!

Similarly, the members' posting rate is dropping like flies also.



Perhaps this mantis which returned multiple times to the yard will cheer you all up?

(in CA, insects rarely die from the cold - by winter they perish of old age.)


Any idea on the species?



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I found a brown form individual of this species last year and a couple of hatched oothecae glued to a palm-tree and next to a porch light (which I originally assumed were Cotinis pupae), and perhaps the female will deposit a few eggs in the yard this year :)

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