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Beetle ID Please!

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Wow talk about work, photobucket links would simply not show up when pasted and the photos were too big to upload via attached thumbnail so I had to learn how to resize!


In addition to IDing, can someone explain to me what I was doing wrong? I have used photobucket before for such things with no problems. The links show up when pasted to Word, but the cursor flashes and nothing appears here on the forum for some reason.


2 of these beetles are similar in appearance with the one between the rock and the "wall" having ridges around it's center section etc.


The other one was missing those ridges.


The 3rd is really smooth, but was aggressively mauling left over food for the other 2 beetles which have been in there for a few days. Not aggressive towards the other beetles as far as I know though. They all congregate under the cocohut during the day =).


These are my sons beetles, but I want to make sure reasonable care is being provided for them.


At any rate any help with pic posting via photobucket, or beetle ID is welcome!


Thank you for the help!

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The first one is a ground beetle. It should not be kept with the other two because it is carnivorous and might kill/harm the other two. It will eat live mealworms and cat/dog food. The other two are darkling beetles, they will eat cat/dog food and fruits and veggies. They like a drier habitat while ground beetles like their cage moist. Hope this helps!

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So how often do these ground beetles burrow? We thought that he performed a miracle and escaped, but excavation reveals him burrowed to nearly the bottom of the 8 inches of substrate in his enclosure. 1 waxworm was offered and I assume he ate it, but it might also have burrowed.

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