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Harlequin Flower Beetle (Gymnetis caseyi)


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Here are photos of my Harlequin Flower Beetles (Gymnetis caseyi). I've been keeping and breeding inverts for over 15 years but this is my first time breeding flower beetles. My only other beetle breeding experience is with Eleodes subnitens.


I started out with L3 Grubs, you can read abut them and see photos here: http://beetleforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2081&hl


My adults have been mating and laying eggs.

Eggs and young larvae next to a pen.





Adults feeding on brown sugar beetle jelly! Yum!


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Hey, can you repost the photos, I can not see them. I ordered some of these beetles online and had three adults. Im not sure if they mated or not but they have past away and I still have the substrate. There are strange worms in the soil, that i don't believe are even insects. Can you post a picture of a newly hatched larvae


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