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Very interesting larva photo!


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Super interesting, and I wish I could examine this in person. The fungus looks like a species from the Ophiocordyceps group.
I think it is safe to assume that the fungus killed the larva, before growing outwards.
The obvious question here is - did you collect this larva in the wild, or do you think it got infected in captivity?

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I like fungus, I am very interested in insect feeding fungi, and how interconnected the two are. I wonder if like the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus that attacks the brains of these ants and then controls the ants brain like a gps and make the ants bite the center stalk of leaves oriented north, northwest ~25 cm from ground level. Then the fungus pops out the ants head and rains spores on other ant exoskeletons.

It makes me wonder about all these different fungi and if they affect any other insects behavior, or use the insects to spread out.

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