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Help feeding a larvae I found grubbing around the garden.

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I was out weeding around a poor abused young grape plant, and I dug up a little white grub. Remembering you guys singing praises of those little plastic cups, I went in to the house to grab one to scoop it up in. I'm fairly certain that it is just the grub of a pesky june bug, But I was wondering if you fine folks could tell me anything more about feeding it. I made sure to take some of the dirt it was grubbing around in, as well as some bits of roots from the weeds, which I have always been told that they eat. However, I looked online and it mentions that it's the adults that do the damage to the crops. So I guess what I'm asking is if it even needs food as a larvae and if so, what I should be feeding my captive. Thank you in advance all.

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Showing photo of the grub could help to identify the larvae and the best substrate for it:)




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