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Catching Beetles on the Northeastern Coast

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A friend of mine emailed me with a question and I figured it would be better to post it up here than try to answer it on my own. He lives in New Jersey if that helps narrow things down a bit.


"I'm going to need the help of all the beetle experts here. As you have read in the title, I am trying to catch beetles on the Northeastern Coast in the US. Based on my research, the only large species available are Lucanus capreolus, Dynastes tityus, Dorcus parallelus, and Ceruchus piceus. I have looked all last summer to no avail. I use banana as bait and I also use lights to attract them at night. I even go rooting around in rotting hardwood logs for larvae.

Any help as to how I can catch them?"







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This is an old topic but I have to bump it instead of making a new thread with the similar title. I have recently read that the Dynastes Tityus could be found in Connecticut, the state in which I reside. However, in all the years that I've lived here, I never had a sign of seeing one. I read a tip on to check the log cavities of fallen trees because they might live inside. I am going to do this when the weather becomes warmer but I know my luck will be slim. Maybe they live upstate more? If anyone has experience in catching this species in this state please let me know.

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