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regal jumping spider


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Larva Hunter, you are very luck. Regal jumpers are fun to observe, and specially if you can see them grow. There are so many morphs within one single brood.

During the first two months fruit flies, and pin head crickets will do. Just watch out the crickets are not bigger than the spiderlings, or they will devour your babies. I would also separate them as soon as possible, otherwise cannibalism is inevitable. I would like some if you are interested in selling them or to trade for something native to southern Florida.


Please send me a PM if interested.

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Sorry I already told someone they could have them.

I saw a cool one when I was skeet shooting outdoors the other day, it was living in the rafters above where I could reach.

I don't think he liked the shotgun blasts, he was waving his front legs up and down like when they get aggressive.

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