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Bess Beetle Playing Dead?


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My daughter brought home a Bess Beetle from school before Christmas, Elvis. He has been great, but yesterday he stopped moving. I heard from another Mom that theirs acted dead, but then one day it was not. Any info would be appreciated! Oh, and Elvis will move slightly once in a while. Thank you!

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Bess Beetles need rotting hardwoods for food. It's important that you leave their frass (pooh) alone as they need all that frass for the nutritional bacteria that grow on it. Keep the substrate slightly moist, but not too wet. I use a spray bottle and just mist the substrate once in a while whenever it looks like it needs it. That seems to work out just fine.


Other than that, there isn't too much more you need to do in order to keep them healthy and happy. They're fairly hardy and among the easier beetles to keep alive.



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