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Where You Have Come Across Buprestids

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I'm getting more into buprestids and I was wondering where people are finding them (location and state please)? If you have pictures or have already identified them, feel free to put that info up too! I want to get a good idea of where to collect this next spring/summer/fall and any extra info helps. I only have ~7 different species (maybe more once I get the others identified), so I want to really expand my collection.

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Very nice species! I haven't really collected them, so I'm still working out good methods. I've found mine by peeling bark and doing sweeps of vegetation on the edges of woods. I did trade a friend of mine to get a Dicerca and a Chrysobothris though. Need to get those down to species over the winter. I know using a beating sheet is supposed to work well in the Southwest, but I'm not sure how effective it would be in the Midwest. Tree species/tree health definitely matters though, so that'll be something I'll have to learn.

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