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Dynastes granti larvae

Shade of Eclipse

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These are some Dynastes granti larvae from some adults I purchased late last year. These larvae vary in age between 3 and 8 months and have been kept together and fed with boiled wheat bran buried in their substrate.


A few of these larvae hatched out with kinks and managed to grow and molt successfully and I'm curious as to how these deformities might affect them if they end up becoming pupae and adults.




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Most of mine were L1 for quite a while. Despite there being a difference of five months in hatching times, the majority of them were all still L1 when the last egg hatched. They didn't start taking off until I gave them supplemental feedings of wheat bran--I'm not sure if that means my substrate mix was too poor or if they're very capable of utilizing high nutrient resources. They spend all their time gathered around the wheat bran at the bottom of their clear container and do not move a noticeable distance away until it's all gone.

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I've tried giving mine protein-rich fish food myself and they didn't eat that either.

You should try using wheat bran, just start with a smaller amount mixed with boiling hot water to a consistency similar to dough. Let it cool and bury it in the substrate and they'll quickly learn about the new food source.

Avoid mixing the substrate while there's still some in there--it can smell pretty awful if you bring it up. I also suggest making sure your substrate and larvae are free of mites before you supplement.

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