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My Eleodes are pupating communally

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Hi everyone,


I have, multiple times now, found pupa in my Eleodes tanks. In both my Eleodes subnitens and Eleodes goryi tanks I have found multiple pupa and a few pre pupa in their own pupal cells.


There has been one right up again the glass in my goryi tank for quite some time now, I have been watching it to see how it does without being separated.


Has anyone else noticed this? I have read multiple times that they will not pupate in communal set ups but mine are, and it appears that they are not damaged or eaten any at all.


(I have not gotten any from the acuticauda tank, so this has no tie to the deformed emerging beetles)

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As long as there is space and depth it's normal. It's not that it can't be done that way it's that often there are too many larvae but if the substrate is deep enough it's normal.

I just saw a purplish Blue Death Feighning in a communal cage with slightly deformed elytra which would make it the first documentation of a full captive life cycle for that species.

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