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Ball python


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Finally, my male albino het and my cinnamon female laid its first clutch of eggs. She laid a total of 8 eggs but only two where fertile. This is pretty common for a females first clutch. Can't Waite to see what's going to pop out :) any guesses????



***** Update***** it has been 7 or so weeks since the eggs where laid. Since the eggs where collapsing a lot, I decided to help the little guy out and cut him out a window. Idk on the exact morph but from what I can see, he/she looks pretty cool.



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If your female is not het for albino, you won't get an albino cinnamon.


From a clutch between these two, your odds are 50/50 for each egg to be a normal or a cinnamon. All of the babies will be 50% het albino (if dad is 100% het albino,) meaning there's a 50% chance they are carrying the albino gene. If you want to hit an albino cinny, you need to have a cinnamon carrying the gene for albino.


I would hold back any cinnamon daughters and breed them back to dad to try and prove them out if you don't want to buy an albino gene cinnamon. However you can never have too many females, picking up het albinos or other codoms carrying the albino gene would work just as well. You just won't get any visible albinos from this pairing here.

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