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Breeding stenopelmatus fuscus


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Has anybody attempted breeding jc's before??? I would like to know if I can house a group of 4 together, and if so in what size of a tank. Also what type of substate and diet would encourage breeding?

Any info is welcomed

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No personal experience, but from what I've read: Sandy soil would be a good substrate! It must be loamy enough to hold burrows. These guys are big on burrowing so deeper is better. You probably won't see much of them except for at night - maybe make sure they are exposed to a natural photoperiod through a nearby window to keep 'em on track. They do have a particular mating season. Set the terrain up with plenty of hiding places so they feel secure!


They'll eat lots of stuff, including greens/veggies as a main part of the diet. They like small roots, potatoes, carrots, grainy foods, fruits... but they are BIG on eating predaciously, they need a sufficient amount of protein. They will hunt and eat other insects and eat meat if they're presented with it. Cannibalization can occur before mating because of this, but I'm having trouble finding anyone mentioning if they are supplementing any protein to try and prevent it. If you're going to attempt it, make sure there's a lot of space for each cricket, and lots of hiding places and additional food sources available. You'd still be going in blind of gaurantees, though.


Females also cannibalize the males after mating. If you want to keep your male going, might be better to seperate their housing by sex, and make sure the female is stuffed full of other protein before you introduce the male.

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Should the substrate be only sand, or 2 parts sand one part soil and so on. Also do you think I can house a single female in a 1 gallon tank? Also is there any obvious sighn between males from females?

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