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Hey everyone


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Hey, this is Michael from Mississippi. I recently have become obsessed with beetles which seems to have branched of from trying to build robots similar in appearance.


I am hoping to be able to start breeding beetles and documenting the difference within a single species through the generations.


I am wanting to stick to US beetles since I heard its hard to import insects.


Any advise for rearing Strategus aloeus & anteous, Megasoma elephas (unsure if this is found in US) , and Dynastus tityus

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Thanks, I am new to this. Thanks for adding another species to my list. I have gotten comfirmaton that D. tityus and S. aloeus in decent numbers at my grandfather's house he live in wooded area mainly oaks. Maybe I can find he one you mentioned as well.


Is the main difference between female xyloryctes jamaicensis and strategus aloeus going to be the size, forgive if there is a color difference as I can not see red.

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