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Quest for beetles


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Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help on locating some beetles.


I heard these two can be found in the US. Maybe there are some breeders on these forums.

1.Dynastes Tityus

2. Megasoma Elephas


Then I heard these are in my area Mississippi. Maybe some tips on catching these two.

1. Strategus Aloeus

2. Strategus Anteus

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Thanks Orin for getting back to me. I heard the Strategus are photophilic so I am guessing sitting outside with with the lights on at night would be a start.


Is there any particular wood I can look in for the grubs of the 3 you mentioned in my state.


I also read that around june and july would be a good time period to find adults.

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Early June through August, depending on the species.


Here in Louisiana we have:

D. tityus

L. elaphus

L. capreolus

L. placidus

S. aloeus

S. antaeus


... so you will probably have some of the same species in Mississippi.


Another good way to collect is to check under parking lot lights during those months, especially in lots near wooded areas.




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