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need help on photos


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hey... i want to post some pictures without deleting my old pictures... from what peter said i need to "select the landscape (portrait button) icon above the typing window, you can drop images right into this forum from your photobucket or any other website" im bad at computer so i dont understand this... :blink: :blink: :blink: help me... i created photo bucket account and imported all my pics to photo bucket... what now??? where is the landscape button and whats typing window??? thanks. not really good at computer things... :huh:

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I think there are two ways that work well. 1. Go to the image you want to use (on photobucket) and on the right side of the page there with be a box with multiple link options. Click the "direct link" option and the URL will automatically copy (it will say "copied" in yellow) Now come back to your post on this site and click the landscape image (2 over from the smiley face) Paste the direct link there and press "insert image" IMG_1066.jpg There should be a photo here if it worked correctly. Make sure to erase the initial Http:// that appears when you paste your link or it will appear twice.


The easier method is to just copy the URL labeled "IMG code" from photobucket. This is also found on the right side of the page when you are viewing your image on photobucket. This code can be pasted straight onto this text box without using in "insert image" type tools since it already contains posting format for message boards. If it also works correctly the same image as above should appear again. IMG_1066.jpg


Forget about using the "Attachments" options for uploading photos because it never works and just results in an error message.


If you have any more questions let me know.



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Upload your pictures to Photobucket.


Run the cursor over the photo you want to post here.


Click in the little box that says "IMG Code" - it should say "Copied"


Paste that into Forum Post here and photos will appear.


Repeat with other pics if needed.

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