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New to Beetle Husbandry hobby

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I was looking to get some information on how to start on this wonderful hobby. I live on the kitsap penninsula here in washington and i can't seem to find any local dealers via the internet so i came here.




Just a few begginers questions to start with:




1.What would be the easiest beetle to rear for a begginer?




2.Are there any hazards in hadling beetles or their larval forms?




3.What are the longest lived beetles in the hobby?(I'm also interested in the ratio of time spent in larval form compared to adult)




4.What are some good reputable websites to purchase beetles from?




5.Is it possible for dealers to ship the eggs for rearing rather than larva or adults?




6.I would also like to know which species are legal to own in the u.s.(I don't want any legal issues -_- )




8.I'm mainly looking for these two american species at the moment, Dynastes granti, Dynastes tityus if anyone here on the forums can help me in obtaining the larva or adult beetles I would so grateful.




9. After a fruitful adult life how does one prepare these beeltes for specimen mounting, riker mounts and drying





I would like to thank all who respond ahead of time


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1. Depends on the type of beetle you're looking at. Obviously the easiest are regular mealworms.



2.Some big beetle have sharp claws or jawas and some beetles have defensive sprays.



3.Some of the giant darklings have lived 12 years in captivity.



4.You have to keep your eye open, it's a pretty small hobby with limited available species.



5.Eggs would normally die in shipping.



6. Nothing from outside the USA unless you have connections (only the elite are legally allowed to own the exotics).



8.They're around if you keep an eye out.



9. You just dry them.

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