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backyard leafhopper

Peter Clausen

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Last summer I had one of those amazing little moments in my backyard where I find something I've never seen before and wonder where it came from. The photo doesn't do it justice, but this tiny little leafhopper had a pearlescent sheen over its already attractive wings.


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I was wondering - if anyone has ever tied to breed / rear the lantern-flies (Fulgoridae) ?

these are very interesting creatures. even though they are relatives to cicadas, there is not much info about them.


so, I'd appreciate if anyone shares the info.

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I've reared buffalo leafhoppers in captivity on live rose. If you have the correct foodplant alive and access to stock it shouldn't be too difficult. Cicadas are more difficult (at least to observe) since they have subterranean nymphs and longer cycles.

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well, plants are plentiful. these bugs usually feed on sup of longan trees.

the main issue though - that the plant (tree) is rather too big to isolate it or cover up so that to prevent these insects fly away.


perhaps it may require some young and small tree of managable size ?

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