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Attracting Beetles

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I am also interested in this topic, as I will be going camping in a week ;)


There are the standard light and sheet methods, anyone have any good sites or step-by-step walk throughs on setting one up? I can't find much info online for collecting live insects.


Sometimes just turning a light on and having some stuff by it for said insect to land on gets some to come.


I read online that black lights seem to attract insects more than regular light.


Maybe you could post the Dorcus on the beetle images section?

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I have found that setting up a black light (make sure it's ultraviolet) and a white sheet attracts a number of beetles at night. There are a number of ways to set this up, but basically you need to make the sheet "stand up" vertically and have the black light shining onto it.

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IF you have Dorcus... please post! very few of us on Beetleforum have them. You live in GA, right? Because, around these parts (SC for me) they thrive.


Please show us a pic... I could tell you which one it is.

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