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Things to attract beetles into pitfall (NO KILLING)

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Hi everyone :)


I was thinking of setting up some pit fall traps to see what I could get. I am not doing this for dead insects to mount, I am wanting them alive. So no worries about me being mean.


I live in Michigan, and I know we have one type of stag beetle. I read online that they like ginger, is that true? IF so could I just crush some ginger and them be attracted to it?


Also, what else would attract beetles or other large insects? Any suggestions are appreciated :)


I will also be going camping in a month or so, so I can use this there also and see what I get.

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I bought a large ginger root and cut some small pieces off of it. I set up two small jars as pit fall traps with a small amount of soil and a couple pieces of ginger in each one.


About 30 minutes after setting it up I caught some sort of ground spider, I released it so it wouldn't harm any beetles or anything I caught. I will check it again in the morning :)

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I've been trying to lure insects into a trap for a couple of days with syrup. The only thing I caught were ants and a female stag beetle who got out, but died only a few feet away with the same ants on her.


I have been using rotting fruit + beer for a little while now and have been catching more stuff with it but none of them were anything big or special.


There was evidence of larger beetles in the jar, but it looked like something attacked them and ate them or something. As only a wing cover or two were left.

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I set them up during the evening so I get bugs during the night. But sometimes I would leave it out during the day but nothing really came.


Hope it works with yours :)


For the beer/fruit mix I used a small plastic baggy, put two bananas in it, then filled it up with beer only to almost cover the first banana. Crush it up and mix it up then set it out in the sun until that night and then I used it :)

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