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Eleodes sp. + Zophobas morio


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I'm not much of a beetle person, but how can you not love darklings? :P



Eleodes acuticauda acuticauda



Eleodes acuticauda laticollis



Apparently they're trying it "cockroach style." :P



Zophobas morio

I've been selectively breeding these for size the last few years.



Eleodes obscurus



The best part of keeping beetles... Larvae! :)



Captive bred obscurus pupa.

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I have 22 Z. morio "superworms" right now that I bought at petsmart. I am not really going to use them for feeders, I just wanted more beetles and figured I should be able to get the whole life cycle from them. My mom watches my cousin (shes 3 years old or something) and they are wanting her to see animals and stuff early on.


Large selection of darklings you have there :D Are all the Eleodes species long lived?

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Some websites I have been on say that Eleode species live 3-15 years. I am planning on having mine for quite a while.


I kind of wish the Z. morio lived long :rolleyes: don't they only live a couple months at the most as adults?


Thanks, and hope they all do well for you :)

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