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Turned the porch light ont

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Hi everyone :)


I know everyone has all these specialized lighting set ups for finding beetles ;) But how can you resist not just "turning the porch light on" for a hour and seeing what comes ;)






Two lighter colored beetles showed up (first two pictures) and then a large group of "june beetles" came. I let them all go shortly after shooting a few pictures.(Sorry, my camera isn't good enough for closer pictures...)

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First species looks like the northern masked chafer, Cyclocephala borealis, and the second looks like a small species of Melolonthinae, or June/May beetles. The latter really love to strip the leaves off the cherry tree in my backyard. >_>


Thanks :) I believe those are what they are.


Sorry they strip your cherry tree, they haven't done any noticeable damage yet to anything here.

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