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Information on Calosoma scrutator (Care, Breeding, Conditions) for Large Scale Experiment

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Hey all! I'm trying to run a large scale experiment to finally get some answers for Calosoma scrutator lovers out there (including myself)! I'll admit that my knowledge is somewhat limited and I'm kind of late in the game as far as seeking help from forums. That being said, I'd love to start this page as a place where we can all dump information that is helpful and might help us better understand and care for our fiery friends.

If you have any ideas/information about:

Breeding conditions, substrate needs, bioactive enclosures/ideal enclosures, warm/cold cycles, wet/dry cycles, preferred prey (other than caterpillars), timelines (egg, larvae, pupae, maturity)

Feel free to link other pages! I have a good feeling that we'll be able to make some progress! I'm going to try and be as active as possible here and will also try to keep this updated with my large scale experiment once it's in full swing but it may take some time to properly set up and maintain.

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So far most of the research I've done has led to dead ends or loose ends that are hard to tie up. I'm aware of an essential winter cycle that C.s. must have and I'm currently trying to aggregate as much information on where they thrive and track the winters in those areas. For example, if they're wet or dry winters, how cold are the winters in those areas on average, how long do they last? There seems to be, at least where I'm from in the midwest, a correlation between moderate to heavy snowfall with larger population. This could be an insulating factor during most of the winter. The areas also have fairly humid winters (New England and the West coast of Michigan).

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