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Hexarthrius rhinoceros advice!


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Hey! My male rhinoceros stag beetle use to be very active when I first got him (hes probably about 3-4 monthsold). He would eat regularly and mooch about his tank a fair bit. I thought as it was getting colder I'd set up a low wattage heat lamp. But in the last few weeks he's been burying himself 24/7 (he will move to different places to bury himself but I never see him move 🤣) and from what I'm aware of has stopped eating/mov. I check on him every day but won't handle him really at all as I don't want to take him out of the soil. The heat lamp is only really on in the morning when my room is chilly, but the ambient temperature is usually OK. Is this behaviour normal for this time of year? I am unsure whether the species hibernate or overwinter and would love some advice :) (as I finish writing this at about 11pm he has just started climbing about on the mesh slider over his tank XD)

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