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Care for and breeding of Canthon viridis?


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I randomly found a Canthon viridis in one of my pitfall traps (no bait, just whatever happens to wander in), and am curious if they can be kept and bred.


I saw in a care guide for Phanaeus vindex that they'll eat wet dog food. Although I wasn't sure how applicable all that was, since Canthon viridis is a rolling dung beetle, not a burrowing dung beetle like the Phanaeus vindex.


But in any case, I tried crushing up a piece of dog kibble, and putting a few drops of water on it, and the beetle seemed to be very interested in it. At first it started nibbling on it a bit, and then it actually started packing it together and rolling it.


Has anyone successfully kept these or other similar dung rolling beetles? And do you have any tips/techiques/guides on keeping them and hopefully breeding them?



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