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P. muelleri Pupa No Longer in Cell


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first time keeping beetles, and about 3 weeks ago my first female reached imago. i have no idea how long this took, but i noticed the construction of the pupal cell about 1.5 months before she had enclosed.

my second (i assume) female started constructing a cell about 2-3 weeks after the first one, and i noticed ~2 weeks ago she shed her final larval skin. i was checking on her periodically, and today i had noticed she is no longer in her pupal cell. cell is very visible from outside the container.

from what i've read, it can take about a month to pupate, but i'm not sure if that time can vary. like i've mentioned, she reached pupa about 2 weeks ago- and since she is no longer in her cell from what i can see- i'm curious if i can look through the substrate for her. i don't want to disturb her if she's still a pupa- but i'm not going to lie the excitement is getting to me- i'd like to see if she's reached imago.

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