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Permit for selling

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That's a very can of worms kinda topic. For USA native species no, technically. And that will be different state by state. For exotics you will likely never be granted a permit to sell. There are people who sell natives and exotics and I'm certain none have permits. It's generally overlooked if things are being sold within the states, it is with imports from outside that it becomes a heavy risk. But there is still the risk with selling and shipping domestically. Our mail isn't typically subject to inspection when moving around in the country so it's much safer and much more private. Beetles are generally near the top of the list for inverts that are considered potential pests, along with phasmids, snails, and the grasshopper family. Stags seem not to be as frowned upon as rhino beetles are and especially flower beetles are considered a risk. If selling from a website business then don't be too open about it or flashy and advertise if that makes sense, folks in the hobby know to dig and search around, they will find you. You can also post on forums, like this one, and have people PM you so you won't be airing it out too openly but still get some offers. While some invasive pests are the fault of hobbyists I'd say the most serious come from industry not regular people. Florida has a unique combo of climate and lack of personal responsibility that results in a lot of serious pests due to the exotics hobby there but then that might be the case everywhere if the climate was more favorable in the country as a whole. But if you consider the impact house cats have on the environment, such as small bird species, then they aught to be red listed too. Anyway I digress. Just be careful, there will always be some degree of risk when dealing with beetles, native or exotic.

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