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making artificial pupal cells for dynastes tityus

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So I found 2 3rd instar dynastes tityus grubs inside of a stump we were grinding at work last February 2023. I fed/housed the beetles and now they are pupae. However the terrarium I kept them in looked flooded on the bottom. (I did add too much water at the time). I thought "oh I drowned them" As I was doing a search mission. I found the pupae SAFE and sound in these alien/dino eggs. But I accidentally split them in 1/2 directly. (The pupae are ALIVE they wiggle if u disturb them!) I then put them in a small salsa container and just had the still intact halves back together but being held together in a tuperware container buried under a bed of leaves (see diagram). 

-They seem ok. But my curiousity is getting the better of me and want to build an observation pupation chamber like this 

But I have a few questions: 

#1. do I soak the floral foam BEFORE putting in the pupae? 

#2. I will poke holes on the bottom and top of the plastic container containing the floral foam? I assume that wud be ok right?

#3. Wud it be ok to put the floral foam chambers in large containers, put some leaves/substrate in the container surrounding the foam? (to immitate nature)

#4. After I get the beetles set up, wud it be good to bury the container with the floral foam in the substrate and cover it with leaves/straw? 

#5. How do I check for moisture. Do i spray the pupae in the floral cells or leave be? How do i monitor moisture/temperature?

#6. How do I ensure air flow? 

#7. When the beetles are adults how do I ensure they break out of this enclosure? (or do I just moniter the enclosure daily then release the adults/start feeding them syrup?) 


-thx i have so many questions



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