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about Field collection point and beetles trade

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Hello, all beetles lovers, I am an international student who is coming to the United States. I like to raise insects, especially Coleoptera. I have played with many species at home and abroad, such as [Dorcus hopei hopei], [Dorcus titanus platymelus], [Prosopocoius girafa], [Prosopocoilas conflucius] and other species of Lucanized; [Chalcosoma atlas], [Dynames hercules] and other species of Scarabaeoidea; It also includes many flower turtles from Africa. In this post, I mainly want to ask about is there any beetle enthusiast organizations in the United States and organize enthusiasts to go to the forest to collect wild. At the same time, I also want to know the beetle trade in the United States, whether it is a special platform for purchase, or whether it is purchased from farmers and hunters. I hope you can give me some guidance and suggestions. Thank you very much.

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