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Hello from Maryland

Nica Vito

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Hi, I'm new to beetles but I've always liked some invertebrates (cicadas particularly). A couple nights ago, I found an Eastern Hercules adult female and have kept her - I don't have active plans to breed unless I find a wild male but in the future, I think I will breed Dynastes tityus. She was an exciting find since I didn't know that these beetles were in my area, and from what I saw on various maps, none have been reported in my locale before this one. If I end up breeding, I would like to release some back to where I have found original wild ones, unless this would be problematic.


If I were to search for a male, what would be the best way to do that? Also, can anyone explain some of the abbreviations I've been seeing for D.tityus sales (CB, WC, L1/2/3, major)?

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