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Hey all, new here, but have been collecting all of my life! Although I am a full time landscape photographer and educator, my background is in mechanical engineering. Insects have always been a part of my life and I still have my very first taxidermy display that I made when I was 10, 25 years ago! It contains a wild caught D.tityus, a wild caught  Lucanus elaphus, and a Xyloryctes jamaicensis I raised from a wild caught larvae. Now that I live in Pheonix I have jumped back into the hobby and loving it! Although I use a lot of the specimens I come across in taxidermy pieces, I love first keeping them as pets and observing them, feeding them, caring for them and then, immortalizing them! I've done both verts and inverts of pets of friends who have passed. As a photographer I love to photograph them as well, and thusly taking great pride in building very realistic enclosures. Some, even bioactive, containing springtails, and real plants and mosses. I keep all sorts of inverts, and even a few herps! Tailless whip scorpions, tarantulas, scorpions and rattlesnakes , frogs and beetles! 


If anyone lives in AZ and wants to get out shoot me a message! 





Maximus aurelius copy.jpg

IMG_1928 copy.jpg

IMG_3363 copy.jpg


IMG_4634 copy.jpg

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