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How to breed Cotinis nitida / Cotinis mutabilis?

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Yes, I know there is a dedicated breeding page, but I put this here for more visibility.

C. Nitada and c. Mutabilis are very closely related, so care for one probably works for the other.

I have 4 wc Cotinis nitida, and I was hoping to breed them. But I have so many questions!

What substrate should they be on for breeding? Someone who has bred c. Mutabilis said that miracle gro indoor potting mix works best, but I know most beetles do best on flake soil.

Do they need hardwood to breed? From my observations in videos of wild ones, they just bury themselves and lay eggs without any wood.

How long does it take for the larvae to become adults?

Do the larvae need to be separated?  The same person who bred c. Mutabilis seems to keep them all together.

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