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Hello from SC


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Hi everybody,


My name is Mike. I'm a naturalist for a nature center in Charleston, SC and am fascinated with anything that crawls. I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for awhile now and I'm ready for a new obsession. I'm really excited to see what everybody is up to and hopefully gain some great knowledge, especially in regards to keeping captive beetle cultures.




Mike Frees

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I'm partial to blue death feigning beetles on account of their ease, long lifespans and high activity levels. Darklings in general fit this profile and can be kept together in interesting communal tanks. Of course, large rhino beetles are an entirely different animal and exciting in a different way. Uncommonly kept species are also a thrill, for example I have larvae going of Pelidnota lugubris from Arizona. Nobody else in the world cares to, so it's neat to have something that is somewhat rare in captivity.

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Very cool. I had to look up both the death feigning beetle and the Pelidnota. The Pelidnota is gorgeous.


In my job I educate people about nature. People get rattled when they ask questions about the basic habits of a creature, and I have to tell them science has yet to address that question. Your answering those questions, that's awesome.


You've also given me some species to read up on.





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