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greetings from australia


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my name is ridley, i'm all the way over in australia! i have been keeping native pie-dish beetles (helea sp.) for about a year now and am awaiting my first breeding pairs of golden stag beetles (lamprima aurata). i'm currently trying to get hold of a few other beetles like native flower and jewel beetles and a xylotrupes species, hopefully in upcoming months. i've owned several other inverts over the years too and i have a small collection of native reptiles!

keen to be here! looking forward to learning some new stuff, hopefully contributing some of my own info (eg. i'm about to do a lot of experimenting with native hardwood flake soil), and meeting you all.

any other aussies here, give me a shout, i'd really like to have other local keepers to talk to. beetles are very niche where i am, even as far as bugs go.


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Welcome to the forum! I've kept and bred two of the US pie dish beetles (Embaphion muricatum and E.contusum), I've always wanted to keep the Helea spp., such a nice genus! Mind sharing pics and husbandry methods for those here on the forum? :)

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