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Hey everybody, I'm Mike. Orin invited me over from blattodea.net. I live in Kansas City and keep several different kinds of cockroaches. So far the only beetles in my collection are the darkling beetles of mealworms and superworms. That is unless you count the two invasive beetles that seem to be everywhere in my roach colonies and impossible to eradicate. I'm not really a beetle person yet. I'm just now beginning to explore the world of inverts beyond the few roach species that I keep. I started out a couple of months ago with some emperor scorpions, and I'm hopeful to obtain some whip scorpions (Damon sp.) in the near future. Maybe some day I'll find the time to add beetles to my collection. If anybody is ever at either the Kansas City or St. Louis reptile shows, stop by and say Hi. I'll be the only table with almost nothing but roaches on it. :)



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Hi Mike,


Thanks for signing in. Yes, your microphone is working fine!


It only takes a single encounter with a Dynastes rhino beetle or a colorful scarab to really open your eyes to the world of beetles. And a very diverse world it is!


So, the forum isn't publicly announced yet, though we're inviting a few people in the meantime to kick it off. Meanwhile we're actively recruiting some additional help in moderating the forum. Another week or so and things should really start to pick up, here.


Thanks a bunch for taking the time to check it out AND introduce yourself!


Good luck at the shows!



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